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RC Quadcopter: Taking Photography to the Another Level

Kids, these days show more inclination towards radio controlled (RC) toys rather than other game types. Although RC toys have been around since quite some time, there is a significant improvement in these toys in terms of performance and overall functions, thanks to technology advancements.

  • 14 Jul 2017

The Exciting Hobby Of Radio Controlled Cars

Most people don't realize just how exciting RC vehicles have become-the hobby quality RC cars made and raced today have can get up to speeds of 60 mph and feature suspension systems that can be tuned just like a real car.

  • 12 Jul 2017

A Look At Radio Controlled Boats And Why I Like Them

When I was a kid growing up here in Florida I went through a period of time when I wanted a radio controlled boat more than anything on earth. I have always loved the water and the idea of being able to race an RC boat on the local bay was exciting to me.

  • 1 Jul 2017
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  •   11 Jul 2017   Posted By Patrice F.   88 Favs   0 Comments

    If You Want A Fun Hobby Consider RC Cars, Planes, And Helicopters

    There are many different types of activities or hobbies out there, but which one do you like to do the most? Do you like to collect sports cards or scrapbook your pictures? One hobby that can be fun for all ages is flying a radio controlled helicopter or anything that is radio controlled.

  •   2 Jul 2017   Posted By Roland H.   39 Favs   0 Comments

    The Famous Traxxas RC Car Models

    Traxxas RC cars are famous for their exceptional speeding capabilities, their models differ in size looks and design but the fact that they are exceptionally fast among RC cars remains true for all its models. Here are some of the models.

    The "Bandit" is more of an introductory RC car that runs on batteries.

  •   4 Jul 2017   Posted By Franky S.   38 Favs   0 Comments

    Getting Started in Radio Controlled Helicopters

    If you have ever taken a quick glance at a radio controlled helicopter but you thought that they seemed like fun but appeared to be too complicated to test one out, think again. It is definitely true that radio controlled helicopters can present a challenge, but you could pick up a hobby that is very rewarding.

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27 Jun 2017
Posted By Dale V.

How To Choose An Appropriate Radio Controlled Plane For A Beginning RC Enthusiast

It's best to consider the purchase of your first radio controlled plane carefully. There are many reasons to be choosy about which plane you pick. You won't want to spend too much money on your first plane. A plane that is easy to fly is something you should look for. You will also want to have a plane that you are capable of using right away, or of putting together using the skills you have.
17 Jul 2017
Posted By Corinne B.

How To Build The Fastest Remote Controlled Cars Yourself

Many parents can't wait to get their children their first remote controlled cars, and that's what people often think of when you mention remote controlled cars. The truth is that there are large numbers of adults who like to build and race radio controlled cars as a hobby.The differences in kids' radio controlled cars and those of adults are fairly extreme. The power source is different, for one thing.
6 Jul 2017
Posted By Dallas O.

How to Successfully Prepare for RC Car Racing

RC or radio controlled car racing is the most thrilling part of the radio control car world. RC car racing brings excitement, whether you're driving against the kid next door or competitively on and off road track.If you're going to race competitively, there are some steps you can take to prepare for the race to help you win. First you need to select its high errors correctly. The tires you choose must be matched to the surface, you will be doing the RC car racing on.
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1 Jul 2017
Posted By Constance N.

Making Radio Antenna Wires For Your Model Airplanes

Airplane scale model kits for certain aircraft models don't include radio antennas in the package. You have to make these radio antennas yourself. You can simply use a sprue for making these. Learning to build model airplanes entails patience and dedication but once you've put your best effort into this activity, the results are astonishing. These days, more and more people - from kids to adults are into this activity.
6 Jul 2017
Posted By Alexis B.

Wood working as a hobby

If we need extra income because of the lack of income opportunities we may need to make some extra income from our hobbies. There are as many hobbies as there are things that people do.Woodworking is a hobby done by people who love to be creative & to build things out of wood.It can be an overwhelming feeling and it just uplifts their spirits. If you want to try woodworking as a hobby, you have to get your own pneumatic tools.
6 Jul 2017
Posted By Darwin N.

Tips On Building Model Planes

These tips will help you to build plastic model planes. 1. When you get your model plane kit make sure that you wash all the parts properly with soap and water as plastic parts are made by injection molding and are covered with a chemical that is used to release the parts from the injection mold. If not removed by washing, this chemical will prevent proper paint adhesion to the model. Dry the parts using a hair dryer after you wash them. 2.
11 Jul 2017

RC ADVENTURES - Racing Dual Rockstar 48" ProBoat Catamarans (Radio Controlled, Gas Powered) 2015

Click to Subscribe! â–» http://bit.ly/JOovvU - 4 friends head out in a Yamaha Twin Jet Powered Speed Boat to give full throttle to a couple of high performance ...

12 Jul 2017

RC Edition | Dude Perfect

RC cars are fun. â–» Powered by Traxxas | Click HERE to see all the RC cars used in this video! http://bit.ly/TraxxasRCDudes â–» VISIT our NEW STORE ...

25 Jun 2017

Feilun FT012 Brushless RC Speed Boat for Water Racing

Feilun RC Racing Speed boat FT012 is a superb quality, brushless motor powered, high speed RC speed boat that offers sweet speeds upto 45+ km/h on water.

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